About Us

About Us

The Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) was founded in 1977 in response to the growing demand from insulating glass unit manufacturers, consumers, specifiers, and others who were concerned with upgrading the quality and performance of IG products purchased for use in commercial and residential construction nationwide.

This concerned group recognized the need for a sound product testing and performance certification program, with equal representation of business community interests and the public interest, managed by a highly professional and efficient, independent third-party administrator. To safeguard against undue industry influence, and the agreement of the public representatives on the IGCC Board of Governors is required for the adoption of all IGCC Board actions. Expert third-party administration is provided by a professional certification program management firm.

Council participants, convinced that certification assures a high level of quality, developed guidelines for the IGCC certification program to implement existing ASTM Specifications as a valid technical base for sealed insulating glass units. The IGCC certification program is predicated on the concept of independent and impartial administration of periodic accelerated laboratory testing and unannounced plant inspections to assure continuing quality product performance.

IGCC Benefits

  •  Founded on the principle of full participation with open meeting and discussions.
  •  Includes public interest representatives as well as manufacturers of insulating glass units, suppliers, specifiers and fabricators.
  • Specializes in sponsoring an expertly administered program to promote insulating glass certification by manufacturers.
  •  Publishes its Certified Products Directory, manual of procedures and requirements to encourage constructive feedback from participants.
  • Maintains a current and flexible attitude concerning the technological changes.
  •  Approves independent testing facilities on the East and West Coasts and in the Midwest for participants' convenience.
  •  Provides a third-party certification program approved by both HUD and FHA and by the Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association (SIGMA).

Program Concept

The Insulating Glass Certification Council, Inc. (IGCC) is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to promote the public interest as well as participants' business interests by encouraging maintenance of the highest standards of excellence in the manufacture of insulating glass.

IGCC seeks to accomplish this purpose by cooperating with suppliers, fabricators, and non-industry members in the development of standards for excellence. Through its certification program for insulating glass manufacturers, IGCC works with fabricators to assure that their products meet established standards of quality and product performance.

The unique feature of IGCC is that it is based on participatory membership in developing and maintaining sound product testing procedures, standards and identification. Highly respected senior business leaders and public interest representatives have led the work of the IGCC Board.

The Certification Program is directed by its participants and Certification Committee and is managed by an impartial administrator and the IGCC Board of Governors. The requirements to meet certification standards, initiated and agreed upon by the membership through the Board of Governors, are validated through periodic inspections by the administrator and testing by independent laboratories approved by IGCC.

IGCC maintains a current and flexible attitude concerning technological changes by developing guidelines to implement the ASTM standard in light of new technology. These guidelines are developed in open, due process discussions and apply fairly to all participants in the same manner.

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