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Initial Certification Process

IGCC/IGMA is the third party sponsor of a certification program, which provides for the certification of sealed insulating glass for seal durability per ASTM E 2190 “Standard Specification for Insulating Glass Unit Performance and Evaluation” and for Gas Content Initial and After Weathering (GCIA). In order for a product to be certified in the IGCC/IGMA certification program, we must receive three (3) things:

  1. Signed License Agreements
  2. Passing Test Reports
  3. Payment for appropriate certification fee

Once your facility is ready to produce test samples, you should notify this office. An IGCC/IGMA representative must witness the initial fabrication of prototype test samples. Typically we can arrange a witness of fabrication within two (2) weeks. You will be provided an Invoice to cover the fee for this initial witness of sample fabrication and testing. Test units will be identified with a specific IGCC/IGMA "P" or Prototype number.

Requirements for test sample fabrication are listed on this summary sheet.

Once the test samples have been fabricated, they should be delivered to the IGCC/IGMA approved laboratory of your choice for testing. Upon completion of testing, passing test results should be provided to this office. We will invoice you the appropriate IGCC/IGMA certification fees at that time, and upon receipt of payment and signed license agreements, issue you "authorization to use the IGCC/IGMA mark" on your product. Your product will then be listed in the twice per year IGCC/IGMA Certified Product Directory (CPD), and your facility will receive an IGCC/IGMA audit once each six months. During one of these visits, annual retest samples will need to be fabricated.

IGCC/IGMA additionally requires licensees to have a quality assurance program for the fabrication of insulating glass. Effective 1/1/09, IGCC/IGMA will require IGCC/IGMA Certified Fabrication Facilities to have a quality system – which meets the minimum requirements of IGMA TM-4000-02(07) – Insulating Glass Manufacturing Quality Procedure Manual. (For a copy visit

A licensee’s QA program as a minimum per IGMA TM-4000, must have the following elements:
  1. A quality manual
  2. A designated person responsible for quality assurance
  3. Operating procedures documenting how IG units are fabricated (Process Control)
  4. Routine product or component checks (Spacer, Desiccant, Sealant, Gas Fill, Finish Product)
  5. Calibration
  6. Non-Conforming Products and Corrective Action
  7. Storage and Handling
  8. Field Service
  9. Internal Quality Audits
  10. Training
  11. Statistical Techniques

You may wish to contact your suppliers for assistance with this material or please contact this office & we can supply additional information that may be of help.

Compliance with IGCC/IGMA quality assurance requirements will be verified at the first plant visit after initial product certification.

IGCC/IGMA Certification Program Fee Schedule

 (Fees are in US dollars and apply to Continental US and Canada locations only – Additional fees may apply for Foreign Countries)
Click Here For Fee Schedule

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